Imada Digital Force Gauge (DSV Series)


Imada Digital Force Gauge (DSV Series)

Imada Digital force gauge DSV series is advanced model from DST series for handheld use with 2N to 1000N capacity by MSP Metrology (M) Sdn Bhd from Imada Japan


Digital force gauge DSV series
  • Sounds alarms when you tilt it to right, left or up, down from the preset position to ensure high repeatable testing
  • Great portability with long battery life (lasts 30 hours continuously at max), and various charging methods (charges from a PC or a mobile battery)
  • Easy data management using supplied software Force Logger via USB connection to PC
  • Allows high efficient testing with continuous peak mode
  • Internal memory function (1000 points) to recall previous data
  • In capacity up to 1000N, handling a wide range of force testing

DSV improves reproducibility in hand-held use.

Digital force gauge for handheld (advanced model) is designed to improve repeatability even when hand-held. Additional functions are topped to DST. When handheld type is used, the measurement angle tends to be inconsistent, which limits the repeatability of measurement. The added function reduces variation in measurement angles and thus improves repeatability. Other useful features include the ability to continuously acquire peak values without button operation and also the internal memory. Some functions require connection to separately-sold products.


Greater Accuracy

DSV sounds alarms when you tilt it to right/left or up/down from the preset position
– DSV has tilt-sensing function, sounding alarms when it senses a tilt from the pre-set position.
– When it sounds an alarm, “NG” is recorded.


Easier Management.

Connect maximum 4 pcs of DSV to PC at the same time, can record acquired data, date, OK judgement.

* You need a dedicated optional software for this.


Safety Measure

You can prevent DSV from sensor breakdown due to mechanical stopper – DSV-2N/5N/20N/50N has mechanical stopper for overload preventing.

* You cannot prevent overload in some cases


Longer Battery Life

Battery life lasts 30 hours at maximum when its backlight is off. You can charge it from a PC or a mobile battery.


6 Supplied Attachments

* DSV-2N/5N/20N/50N come with aluminum attachments(A-type). DSV-200N/500N/1000N come with steel made attachments(S-type).
*1 DSV-1000N come with SR-1.



  • Easy-to-use basic force gauge
  • Backlit LCD display with user-friendly menus
  • Ergonomic, durable, heavy-duty metal construction
  • 30,000/sec ultra-high sampling rate
  • Selectable real time or peak mode operation
  • USB and RS-232C output
  • Overload capacity 200% F.S.; Display flashes at overload limit
  • Runs on internal Ni-MH batteries (user replaceable) or AC adapter; charge with USB port or portable charger
  • DSTkit includes set of six attachments, AC charger/adapter, calibration cert traceable to NIST and carrying case


DSV Specifications

Model  DSV 
Accuracy ±0.2%F.S.(full scale)±1digit
Unit N(mN, kN), kgf(gf), lbf (*1)
Display 4-digit LCD
Sampling rate Max. 1000 data/sec
Battery Approx.30 hours(when back light is off)
Approx.14 hours (when back light is on)
(need 4.5 hours for full charge)
Overload Approx.200%F.S.
Power Nickel-Metal Hydride battery (NiMH battery) , USB charge(PC, mobile battery, AC adapter)
Operating environment Temperature: 0 – 40°C, Humidity: 20 -80%RH
Functions Peak hold(Tensile or compression)/Comparator(OK Judgement)/Sensitivity(3 steps)/
Reversible display /Sign inversion/Setting lock/Date & Time/Off timer (Auto power-off)/
Reminder for calibration schedule/Overload alarm
Tilt-sensing alarm/Continuity peak mode(*2)
/Internal memory (1000 point)
Output USB/RS232C
Overload alarm Alarm to notify “near-overload state”: Approx. 90%F.S. (Alarm sound)
Alarm to notify “overloaded state” : Approx.110%F.S.(Alarm sound/Indication blinking)
Weight Aprrox.460g (*3)
Dimensions Refer to Dimensions on page 5.
Accessories Force Logger(Data capturing software)/USB cable/AC adaptor/
Attachments (The types of attachments vary by models)/Carrying case/
Instruction manual/Inspection certificate

*1 These are the specifications for International model. Note that the available units are different from Japanese domestic model and
international one. kN is available at 1000N, mN and gf is available at 2N and 5N ranges.
*2 You cannot use Continuous peak mode when the measurement does not reach 10% of the force gauge’s capacity. Instead, use Peak
mode. Continuous peak mode could not fit enough for measurement with a shock such as break tests. Contact us for further details.
*3 The weights are slightly different by the model.


Model Capacity Display Resolution Thread Included Nut
Japan Model US Model
DSV-2N DSV-0.4A 2N 2.000N 0.001N M6 P1.0 (Coarse thread)
Thread length: 11.6mm
Hexagon nut
Material: Resin
Height: 5mm
DSV-5N DSV-1A 5N 5.000N 0.001N
DSV-20N DSV-4A 20N 20.00N 0.01N
DSV-50N DSV-11A 50N 50.00N 0.01N
DSV-200N DSV-44A 200N 200.0N 0.1N
DSV-500N DSV-110A 500N 500.0N 0.1N
DSV-1000N DSV-220A 1000N 1000N 1N


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