Evocus High Precision Fully-Auto Video Measuring Machine EVA Series
Evocus High Precision Fully-Auto Video Measuring Machine EVA Series


Evocus High Precision Fully-Auto Video Measuring Machine EVA Series

Evocus Fully-auto Video Measuring Machine provide high accuracy with less error measurement software and intelligent illumination by MSP Metrology (M) Sdn Bhd from Evocus Korea



EVA Series

High Precision Fully-auto Video Measuring Machine

High Accuracy
≤ 2.2 + L/200µm

Less Error
Within 2µm

Auto Measurement
Fast Operation of Measurement

Reduce Time & Effort

Advance Software
EV Measuring


State-of-the-Art Structure

High precision optical grating ruler from the world’s top brand from Germany, Heidenhain with the accuracy of 0.001mm. High accuracy that comes with great stability.

High precision Grade 00 granite base and column, with stable expansion of the physical properties, to ensure high stability and accuracy.

Precision linear guide, grinding ball screw and three-axis servo motor to ensure smooth operation and precise positioning. The motor is noise-free during operation.



High Resolution Images and Intelligent Illumination

High definitive automatic continuous zoom lens and high resolution color digital camera, to ensure clear image without distortion.

With programmable 4-ring 8-division LED cold illumination and contour LED parallel illumination and internal intelligent light adjustment, it can automatic control the brightness of the light.



EV Measuring Software

Professional Measuring Software

EV Measuring is a professional multisensor measuring software which combined with the developers years of experience in the measuring and software research industry. The design principle is friendly operation, powerful function, high accuracy and stability, simple maintenance.

  • Excellent software architecture design and fully objectoriented, to ensure the software is stable and reliable.
  • Professional SPC statistical analysis software connected to measuring software, to realize that the data could automatically export to SPC database without manual operation.
  • With powerful edge finder algorithm, which can help to get the edge of the shadow or dark image and ensure high accuracy
  • Support with multiple language, no need to install language pack and change the software which is convenient to local customers.
  • The same model of software will be permanent free to update, it can help to reduce other trouble to customer.
  • The software could automatically recognize and measure line, circle, arc and other elements.




Model EVA-2010 EVA-3020 EVA-4030
X/Y-Axis Travel 200 x 100mm 300 x 200mm 400 x 300mm
Glass Table 260 x 160mm 360 x 260mm 460 x 360mm
Workbench 360 x 260mm 460 x 360mm 560 x 460mm
Dimension (W x D x H) 725 x 580 x 1070mm 825 x 580 x 1070mm 960 x 710 x 1090mm
Load Capacity 35kg 35kg 35kg
Net Weight 160kg 190kg 270kg
Z-axis Travel High Precision Linear Guide, working travel 200mm
X/Y/Z-Axis Resolution 0.001mm;   Optional 0.0001mm
X/Y-Axis Accuracy X/Y-Axis Accuracy: ≤ 2.2 + L/200 (µm); Z-Axis Accuracy: ≤ 4 + L/50 (µm) [L= Length (mm)]
Repeatability 2µm
Main Structure High Stability Grade 00 Granite
Grating Structure Heidenhain (GERMANY) RSF high precision grating scale, with the accuracy of 0.001mm
Motor Three-axis Servo Motor; Optional: Joystick
Illumination System (Programmable) Surface: Stepless Adjustable 4-ring 8-division LED Cold Illumination
Contour: LED Parallel Illumination
CCD High Resolution 520TV Color CCD Camera (SONY Sensor)
Motorized Zoom Lens MT High Resolution Automatic Zoom Stereo Lens
Magnification: 0.7X ~ 4.5X;  Video Magnification: 30X ~ 225X
Working Distance 90mm
Field-of-View 10.6 – 1.6mm;   Optional Lens 0.5X & 2X
Measuring Software EV Measuring
Power Supply 220V ±10% (AC) 50Hz



Optional Accessories

Touch Probe

After the equipment is installed with probe, it can be used to measure the following parameters:

  • Height, width, length
  • The angle between the two sides
  • Vertical angle of cone
  • Diameter of cylinder
  • Chamfer
  • Straightness, flatness, roundness, cylindricity
  • Verticality, parallelism, inclination, and so on.



Coaxial Light Source with Different Effect



Part Accessories

4-ring 8-division LED Surface Illumination

LED Parallel Contour Illumination

Zoom Lens

Video Capture Card

CCD Camera

Calibration Glass Stage

Data Integration Box

Software Dongle


Computer System

Linear Scale

AV Cable

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