Accretech Coordinate Measuring Machine (XYZAX mju NEX Series)


Accretech Coordinate Measuring Machine (XYZAX mju NEX Series)


Compact Design

The most compact footprint in its class. It enables to select an installation space easily

Eliminate 73% Of Power Consumption

Reduction of power consumption contributes to cut running costs. This environmental-friendly machine also reduce the CO2 emission resulting from power consumption.



Environment Resistant Design

  • Bellows are equipped against dust on X-axis and Y-axis as standard. An air bearing prevent dust from Y-axis.
  • Z-axis scale is mounted on Z-axis column inside of Z-cover for steady air condition. Temperature compensation is implemented as standard.



Smallest Stylus Ball Diameter: Ф0.3mm

Stylus with smallest ball diameter is appropriate for measurements of small workpieces and extra small holes.



Deliverable Through Common Door Frame

Compact design makes it possible to deliver through a common door. As it is not necessary to break the wall for delivery, no extra cost is required.

  Standard Transport Dimension Minimum Transport Dimension Separated Transport Dimension
Depth (mm) 1070 1000 1070
Width (mm) 1080 1033 1080
Height (mm) 2112 2096 1570



Probe System

  • Automatic touch trigger probe corresponding to max. 30mm extension.
  • Horizontal rotation angle: ±180°
  • Vertical rotation angle: 0 to +105°
  • Indexing step: 7.5° step

<For TP200B>
  • Stylus length: Max. 100mm with GR stylus
  • Extension bar: Max 200mm
  • Automatic touch trigger probe utilizes power of Coordinate Measuring Machine.

(TP20 built-in)
  • Horizontal/Vertical Rotation Angle: 15° steps
  • Horizontal rotation angle: 15° steps
  • Vertical rotation angle: Fixed at Optional Angle
  • Extension Bar: Max. 200mm

<For TP200B>
  • Horizontal rotation angle: 15° steps
  • Vertical rotation angle: Fixed at Optional Angle
  • (Max Permissible Length Measurement Error: E0, MPE (µm) 2.2 + L/250)



RTP20 – Automated Probe Head

The automated indexing of the RTP20 allows the integral TP20 probe to be moved to 168 repeatable positions in 15-degree increments using both the A and B axes, requiring a one-time only qualification for each stylus position thus ensuring fast throughput for part inspection.


RTP20 Key Benefits

  • Productivity

Improved productivity is achieved via probe module changing and automated indexing without the need for constant re-qualification.

  • Automation

Utilising the CMM motion to lock and orientate the head, together with the MCR20, provides a fully automated system.

  • Increased Reach and Flexibility

A built-in extension together with existing extension bars allow reach up to 168 mm (including maximum stylus length).

  • Crash Protection

TP20 modules have overtravel in all directions. The magnetic mounting provides additional crash protection in X and Y.



MCR20 Module Changing Rack

The MCR20 probe module changing rack is designed to securely store TP20 stylus modules ready for rapid automatic changing, whilst protecting mating surfaces from any airborne contaminants within the working environment.



Full Specifications

Type mju NEX-4 mju NEX-6 mju NEX-8 mju NEX-9 mju NEX-2
Measuring Range X-axis (mm) 510
Y-axis (mm)

460 (5/5/4 size) / 760 (5/8/4 size)

Z-axis (mm) 410
Length Measuring Method Linear Scale System
Minimum Unit (µm) 0.01
Measurement Precision*

Max. Permissible Error of Length Measurement

E0, MPE (µm)

E150, MPE (µm)

2.7 + L/250

3.2 + L/250

2.2 + L/250

2.7 + L/150

2.7 + L/250

2.2 + L/250

2.7 + L/150

2.7 + L/250

3.2 + L/250

Max. Permissible Limit of the Repeatability Range, R0, MPL (µm) 1.8 1.4 (*1) 2 1.4 (*1) 1.8
Max. Permissible Single-Stylus Form Error PFTU, MPE (µm) 2.7 2.5 (*1) 3.3 2.5 (*1) 2.7
Probe System PH10T/TP20 PH10T/TP200B RTP20 PH1/TP200B PH1/TP20
Guide System of each Axis Linear Guide with Air Bearing
Table Material Gabbro
Effective Width (X) (mm) 700
Effective Depth (Y) (mm)

900 (5/5/4 size) / 1150 (5/8/4 size)

Height from Floor (mm) 725
Flatness Class JIS 1
Fixing screw for object to be measured M10 Internal Screw
Workpiece Measured Max. Height (mm) 520
Max. Mass (kg) 200
Drive Speed Max. Acceleration/Decelaration (mm/s²) 1732
Variable Speed Range (mm/sec) Auto Measurement Mode:0.01 tp 433 (stepless control)
Joystick and Manual Mode (Automatic Measurement): 0 to 120 (stepless control)
Measuring Speed (mm/sec) Joystick and Manual Mode (Automatic Measurement): 0 to 5
External Dimensions of Measuring Unit Width (mm)

1145 (5/5/4 size) / 1100 (5/8/4 size)

Depth (mm)

1256 (5/5/4 size) / 1536 (5/8/4 size)

Height (mm) 2170
Body Mass (kg)

660 (5/5/4 size) / 920 (5/8/4 size)

Precision Assurance Environmental Temp. Condition Environmental Temp. (°C) 18 to 22
Temp. Change (°C/hr) 1
(°C/day) 2
Temp. Gradient (°C/m) 1

*1 Temperature Condition: Environment temperature 18 to 24°C
*Measurement Precision [E0, MPE, E150, MPE and R0, MPL] are based on evaluation method of JIS B 7440-2:2013 (ISO 10360-2:2009)
[PFTU, MPE] is the evaluation method based on JIS B 7440-5:2013 (ISO 10360-5:2010)
* L is the distance between any two points (mm)
*The measuring accuracy is a numerical value measured under following specifications:
TP20, RTP20… LF Module and Standard stylus
TP200B… SF Module and Standard stylus
*Standard Stylus specifications:
Stylus tip diameter = Ø4, L = 20mm, Custom stylus of Renishaw




  • A4 ink jet printer
  • Compact wagon for printer
  • Notebook PC
  • Stand for notebook PC integrated model with anti-vibration rubber, monitor arm, table for PC
  • System rack
  • MCR20 module change rack
  • Modules
  • Extensions
  • Styli
  • Optional Software


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