Starrett Horizontal Floor Standing Side Bed Profile Projector (HS600 Series)


Starrett Horizontal Floor Standing Side Bed Profile Projector (HS600 Series)




The HS600 floor standing horizontal optical comparator has all the same features as the HF600, except it has the screen position set to the side of the workstage area which allows close, comfortable and unrestricted access to the viewing and control area.





With larger viewing screen (24” – 600mm), HS600 has an outstanding features which they include lens turret with 4 capacity for instant selection of optional magnification lenses. It also offer video adapter to convert from optical comparators to video metrology system





HS600 available with choice of the new MetLogix™ M2 on PC or M3 on all-in-one touch screen PC. For Quadra-Chek®, the available software are QC221 and QC5200.





  •     Accommodates components up to 330lbs (150kg)
  •     24″ (600mm) diameter screen
  •     Motorized X and Y axes standard
  •     Projection lens turret with four lens capacity (lenses not included)
  •     Turret mounted condenser system complete with two lenses and yellow/green filter with provision to mount further accessories
  •     Linear encoder (glass scale) on both X and Y axes
  •     Halogen profile and surface illumination
  •     Digital protractor for accurate angle measurement (1′ resolution) via Q-axis readout
  •     Available with MetLogix™ M2 and M3 PC-based touch screen measuring software or Quadra-Chek® digital readout systems.
  •     Two-axis power drive via joystick and variable speed control for fine adjust
  •     Full canopy and curtains included




  •     System Type: Floor Standing
  •     Part View Orientation: Horizontal
  •     Side Bed Version: Standard
  •     Screen Diameter (in): 24″
  •     Screen Diameter (mm): 600
  •     X – Y Measuring Range (in): 12″ (16″ Optional) x 8″
  •     X – Y Measuring Range (mm): 300 (400 Optional) x 200
  •     Linear Glass Scale Encoder on X & Y Axis: Standard
  •     Motorized X-Y Axis: Standard
  •     CNC Control: Optional
  •     Focus Range (in): 3″
  •     Focus Range (mm): 75
  •     Work Stage (in): 25″ x 9″
  •     Work Stage (mm): 630 x 230
  •     Load Capacity with Negligible Deflection (lbs): 110
  •     Load Capacity Maximum (lbs): 330
  •     Angular Measurement Resolution: 1 Minute
  •     Profile Illumination: Standard
  •     Surface Illumination: Standard
  •     Quick Change Lens Mount (Lenses Not Included): 4 Lens Turret
  •     Collimating Condenser with Yellow/Green Filter: Standard
  •     Control System / Software: QC200/5200, M2, M3
  •     Display (Control System Dependent): QC DRO, 15.6″ or 21″ Touchscreen PC or 24″ Monitor
  •     Optical Edge Detection: Optional
  •     Digital Video Camera System: Optional
  •     Video Edge Detection (only with Digital Video Camera): Optional
  •     Optical and Video Edge Detection (only with Camera): M3 Option Only
  •     MetLogix DC (FOV) Software for Digital Video Camera: Optional
  •     Lenses (One Required, Not Included): 10X, 20X, 25X, 31.25X, 50X, 100X
  •     Iris Diaphragm: Optional
  •     Precision Rotary Vise: Optional
  •     Vee Block on Rotary Base: Optional
  •     Precision Fixed Vise: Optional
  •     Precision Centers & Vees: Optional
  •     Glass Plate Work Holder: Optional
  •     Canopy and Curtains: Standard




  •     Choice of six magnification lenses including 10x, 20x, 25x, 31.25x, 50x, and 100x
  •     OV2 Video zoom lens
  •     TOV2 video lens assembly with choice of 0.16x, 0.3x, or 0.5x fixed magnification lenses
  •     Automatic optical edge detection
  •     Automatic video edge detection (available with OV2 or TOV2 video cameras)
  •     Fully automatic CNC controls



Operator Interface

Features MetLogix Quadra-Chek
M2  M3 QC221 QC5200
Mounted to comparator arm x   x  
Color graphics x x   x
Touch screen operation x x   x
MS Windows operating system x x    
X-Y-Q axis digital readout x x x x
X-Y axis digital readout        
2D geometry software with skew x x x x
Optical edge detection option x x x x
Video edge detection option   x   x
CAD file import and export option   x    
CNC drive option x x x x
Software developer MetLogix MetLogix Metronics/Heidenhain Metronics/Heidenhain



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