Why You Should Choose Chotest Image Measuring Machine?

Discover the many benefits of the Chotest Image Measuring Machine – a highly acclaimed solution that offers precise and efficient measurements for a wide range of industries. It ensures accuracy, automation, and easy-to-understand visual data for better decision-making and quality control.

See points below for further explanation on why should you choose our Chotest Image Measuring Machine:

Impressive Size Capability: Size up to 920 x 840mm

When it comes to the size capability of an image measuring machine, Chotest IMM provide maximum size up until 920 x 840mm of the samples or parts that the machine can accommodate. This feature is particularly important for industries that deal with larger thin components, such as big PCB board or LCD screen with such an impressive size capability, Chotest IMM can handle a wide range of sample sizes, providing flexibility and versatility in measurement tasks.


Tailored Models for Every Need: A diverse range of models that cater to your specific sample, accuracy, and budget needs

Chotest Image measuring machines come in various models and configurations, each tailored to cater to different needs. This diversity allows customers to choose the model that aligns best with their specific requirements, whether it’s related to the type of samples they need to measure, the desired level of measurement accuracy, or the budget constraints they have. Some models might focus on high-precision measurements for delicate components, while others could provide a cost-effective solution for more general measurement tasks.

Speed and Completeness for Optimal ROI: Delivers precise results efficiently, maximizing your return on investment

Efficiency and speed of measurement are critical factors for businesses seeking a high return on investment (ROI). Chotest IMM can deliver precise results quickly and efficiently to help optimize the workflow, reduce measurement time, and increase productivity. This is especially valuable in industries where rapid quality control and inspection are essential for meeting production demands and maintaining product quality.

Accuracy compliance with ISO 10360-7

ISO 10360-7 is a standard that specifies test methods for verifying the accuracy of image measuring machines (IMMs). Good news is Chotest IMM provided machine with the accuracy compliance with ISO 10360-7. When an image measuring machine complies with ISO 10360-7, it means that its accuracy has been tested and verified according to internationally recognized standards. This provides customers with the assurance that the machine meets strict accuracy requirements, ensuring reliable and traceable measurements.

By combining these features and capabilities, Chotest image measuring machine can become a powerful measurement machine in a wide range of industries. It enables efficient and accurate quality control, reduces the risk of manufacturing errors, and contributes to overall process optimization, ultimately leading to increased productivity and improved product quality. When customers have a diverse selection of models to choose from, they can find the one that best suits their needs and budget, further enhancing the value and benefits they can gain from the investment.

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02 Aug 2023

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