Why Should You Choose a Local Agent when Purchasing a Measuring Machine?

Sometimes, customers may consider purchasing a video machine directly from its country of origin, expecting to find a more attractive price compared to buying it locally. However, before agreeing with your statement, please take a moment to read our point of view below before making any decisions.

Focus on doing, not just selling and promoting:

When thinking of buying a new video measuring machine, we need to look beyond the flashy sales pitches and promotional material. Instead, a local agent will always focus on the actual capabilities and performance of the video measuring machine. It’s essential to assess how well the machine can fulfill the customer specific measuring needs and deliver accurate and reliable results. Local agent should be more understanding of customer accuracy and requirements as they will get to visit your place time to time.

Long-term partnerships:

Establishing a long-term partnership with the local agent supplier for video measuring machine is more advantageous for the customer. This ensures that they receive ongoing support, service, and access to future upgrades or enhancements. Local agents also have a high sense of commitment to understand the customer’s requirements and provide tailored solutions. Compared with local agent, oversea agent may not feel obligated to commit to your needs as the machine is imported. Hence their focus only on selling at that time, but not for after sales service support.

Gain access to readily available spare parts:

Having access to readily available spare parts is crucial for customers using video measuring machines. In case of any component failures, having local agents will got them a quick access to spare parts and thus will reduces machine downtime and ensures minimal disruption to their measurement operations. It’s important for customers to inquire about the availability and lead times of spare parts when considering a video measuring machine, as it directly impacts their ability to maintain smooth operations.

Well-trained experts for technical support:

Customers investing in a video measuring machine should consider the availability of well-trained technical experts for ongoing technical support. If any technical issues or challenges arise during machine operation, having access to knowledgeable local agent experts who can provide assistance and guidance is invaluable. This ensures that the customer can quickly resolve any problems, optimize machine performance, and make the most out of their investment.

Accredited and trusted (Hold ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation):

Customers should look for local suppliers of video measuring machines who hold ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation for their calibration processes. This accreditation ensures that the supplier follows rigorous quality standards and maintains accuracy and traceability in their measurements. By purchasing from an accredited supplier, customers can have confidence in the accuracy and reliability of the video measuring machine, ensuring that their measurements are precise and conform to international standards. As well as provided direct services for machine reading adjustment services if necessary.

Considering these points when buying a video measuring machine can help customers make informed decisions, ensuring that they choose a reliable and suitable solution for their measurement needs.

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13 Jul 2023

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