Hot Mounting

Hot mounting provides protection and support of the sample surface, makes it easier to handle the sample, allows for several small samples in one mount and gives uniform sizes for clamping in a sample holder. Hot mounting resins are to be used in a mounting press, where they are processed at high pressure and temperature to very uniform mounts ideal for examination in upright microscopes or other devices requiring specific sizes or shapes. Depending on your requirements, several different hot mounting compounds are available for your hot mounting process from Akasel.



What is the important of mounting operation?

  • It protects the specimen edge and maintains the integrity of a materials surface features
  • Fills voids in porous materials
  • Improves handling of irregular shaped samples, especially for automated specimen preparation


Compression mounting is a very useful mounting technique which can provide better specimen edge retention compared to cast able mounting resins.

Compression mounting resins are available in different colors and with various fillers to improve hardness or conductivity.

Several compression mounting characteristics include:

  • Convenient means to hold the specimen
  • Provides a standard format to mount multiple specimens
  • Protects edges
  • Provides the ability to label and store the specimens

Hot Mounting Process


What is the example of mounting defect?

Thermosetting mounting defects are:

  • Radial split
  • Edge shrinkage
  • Circumferential split
  • Burst
  • Unfused Bulging
  • Porosity
  • Void
  • Bond between specimen with ram
  • Inner crack


What is the characteristics of type of consumbales for mounting process?



What is the recommendation consumables to be used in the mounting process?

Phenolic are popular because they are low cost, whereas the diallyl phthalates and epoxy resins find applications where edge retention and harder mounts are required.

The acrylic compression mounting compounds are used because they have excellent clarity.

However, the recommendation consumables to be used in the mounting process are:

Acrylic Resin

  • High Clarity by Small additional charge than phenolic resin
  • Easy to check its drawback such as Void, Circumferential split, Inner crack, etc.
  • Heavier Hardness than phenolic resin


Recommended Configuration for Acrylic Resin:

  • Set Temp. : 180 degree
  • Holding Time : 200 sec
  • Pressure : 210 bar
  • Cooling Temp. : 40 degree
  • Cooling Time : 360 sec
  • Total Molding Time : approximately within 12 min including pre-heating

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